Inspection service

We strive to be 100% transparent with each of our vehicles. On the one hand, each vehicle, whether it is a Bus or a classic car, comes with a detailed photo album through which you can personally verify the condition of the vehicle.

On the other hand, our team mechanics goes over a long list of test points to ensure your vehicle and its components are functioning properly. In the event of any problems, we will notify you immediately to determine the best course of action to solve the issues. Here is a brief list of some of the areas we review:

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It is very important that we check the bodywork’s condition to ensure the vehicle can be registered in Europe. If metalwork is required, we can do it in Brazil at a much lower cost than in Europe.

Door Alignment and Hinges

These are small details that need to be communicated and handled while the bus is still in Brazil. If the door hinges are in a bad condition, then door alignment is most likely not optimal, and the doors will not close properly. This is a task that requires installing new bushings and welding for the hinges.

Paint Thickness Measurement

Before we deliver the van, we must confirm the thickness between the outer layer of paint and the metal. Due to the cold, humid weather in Europe, a substantial thickness will lead to unfortunate cracks and chips in the paint.

Floors and Crossmembers

We take a clinical look at the floors and crossmembers to evaluate their condition and determine if they should be changed or not. These parts are cheap and labor is much less costly in Brazil than in Europe.

Engine and Transmission

We take the car for a ride to ensure that shifting between gears is work well and smoothly. We perform a similar driving test with the engine. We also check for oil leaks and loose parts by putting the bus on an elevator.

Carburetor Settings

We regulate the carburetor in almost all vehicles so that it runs smoothly.

Suspension, Shocks and Brakes

We can find out many problems while driving the car. We check for any sign of looseness with the suspension, that the brakes are operating properly and if the shocks are not worn out.

Brake Cylinder

We must always make sure there are no leaks in the cylinder and that enough pressure is exerted to operate the brakes.

Tie Rod Ends

This part is checked to make sure that the rubber has no cracks and that the tie rod ends aren’t loose.

Seals and Locks

We make sure that all rubbers are tight and that the locks are working properly.

Steering Box

The steering box must be inspected to ensure that there is no or minimal play and to ensure the bushings or bearings are in good condition.

Electrical (Lights, Horn, Dash Instruments)

We make sure all these elements are working before exportation to ensure there are no issues with the roadworthiness test.

Window Glass

The windows must be in good condition and above all, be correctly marked to conform to the destination country’s norms.

Service Costs

This service is free if you have purchased the vehicle.

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