T2 Camper Services

Looking for an affordable bus for the whole family? Combi Kombi invites you to check out our T2 camper Service. Enjoy summer in comfort and style with one of our fully customizable and functional campers. Through our turnkey solution, we take care of everything from the first screw to unloading the bus at your door. Take a look at our galleries below to get some ideas on interior and exterior options for your future Camper!

For our T2 Camper service, we choose a model over 30 years old, with a straight, sturdy chassis and a sound structure. All projects include serviced mechanics, a new paint job and a new camper interior. In this way we keep costs down and you get your T2 camper much quicker.

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Camper Exterior

Choose from a long list of two tone color options from our shop. Here are some examples that have recently left our shop.

Exterior gallery

Camper Interior

Customize your T2 with the following options. If you are interested in installing other options just let us know and we will make sure to install them. Contact Us for a detailed offer on interior options.

  • Drawers
  • Closets
  • Sink
  • Stove-Top
  • Fridge
  • Water Tank
  • Extendable Bed
  • Curtains
  • Fold out Table

Here are some interior options from T2 Campers that have already left our workshop.

Interior Gallery