Do you have a desire to see nature through the windshield of a Brazilian kombi?

We organize your arrival and  take you on the roads in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to search for Volkswagen kombis and rare parts. Your stay will give you the chance to visit Brazil, see the work of our professional restorers and meet our international team.

We Organize Your Trip to Brazil

Visit the Volkswagen Kombi Family

We take you on an adventure to discover the world of collector kombis in São Paulo

  • Visit the kombi stocks and spare parts stores
  • Visit the workshops of our restorers, painters and upholsterers

If you want to buy a vehicle on the spot, we will show you a large range of T1 Kombis and T2 Bay-Window Kombis, according to your criteria.

Renting a Volkswagen Kombi

We suggest you rent a T2 Bay Windows Kombi for the duration of your stay. This way you will easily be able to explore the region with a beautiful ride.

Road Trips: Ideas for tours around the region

Head up the north coast of São Paulo and discover the small villages and well preserved beaches, known for surfing and paddle boarding. This tour stretches around 500km their and back going to Ubataba.

Cross through the mountains to Minas Gerais on the gold road. Uncover waterfalls, thermal waters, coffee farms, cachaça and cheese. This circuit can reach over 800km there and back, going right to the Poço de caldas.

Drive to Rio de Janeiro, the cidade maravilhosa (marvelous city), and pass through the picturesque town of Paraty in the bay of 365 islands. the route is roughly 1000km long.

Click on the button to the left of the map title to see more details on the itineraries.


Accommodation in São Paulo

We take care of reserving accommodation according to your desires.

  • Hotel
  • Apartment Hotel
  • Apartment
  • Hostel

We offer lodging in various neighborhoods depending on your criteria.

  • Business quarter
  • Residential quarter
  • Picturesque quarter
  • Nightlife quarter
  • Vibrant central quarter
  • Green and open quarter

We can also plan your transportation from the airport right to your hotel.

Airfare Search

We suggest you choose São Paulo as your point of arrival and departure where must of the activities take place. The financial capital of the country is also the gastronomic capital of Latin America. There is everything indulge in and discover the Brazilian atmosphere.

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