TÜV-MFK Preparation – Volkswagen T1 Bus – Brazil 1973 – Ref. TÜV002

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We bought this T1 for a German customer and for us to guarantee German registration at the destination, we are doing a complete inspection and repairing the structural and technical elements that would not pass the TÜV inspection.

Follow the progress of this project below. Click on the sections to go to the desired area.

Before Arrival in the Garage

This is optically a very nice van. With a new interior design and a new exterior paint job, it has really caught the attention of our customer.


We performed a thorough road test with this van by driving it from the salesman directly to the garage to test the brakes, steering box and transmission.

Upon arrival, we performed a complete mechanical inspection, put the van on a lift and removed the tires to analyze the brakes in detail. Here is a short list of tasks we will perform on this vehicle.

  • Change steering box
  • New tie rod ends
  • Master brake cylinder
  • Brake cylinders
  • Wheel cylinders
  • Brake hoses
  • 4 new shocks
  • Metal work
  • Paint job
  • Rear seat belts

Undercarriage Welding

There were a number of points on the chassis of the bus that were not properly welded and would not have passed the TÜV test in Germany, so we took care of these areas in our workshop to guarantee TÜV.

Paint Preparation

Before painting, as always, we must prepare the metal parts. First we remove all the old paint and then we apply a rust protection solution to the bare metal and the fresh welds.

New Paint Job

After all welds and metal are prepared, we can start painting and adjust the color to the old paint. Now we know that there will be no problems with the TÜV and the customer gets a partly restored chassis.

Technical Improvements

After the structural elements are repaired, we move on to technical improvements and change wheel and brake cylinders and a number of other things that would prevent us from getting registration.

Placing in the container

We take care of the loading of this Bus in our workshop so that we can check that everything is well fixed.

Déchargement à Anvers Unloading in Antwerp

This T1 Bus from 1973 is now arrived in Antwerp without any problems. Now it is time to take care of the registration in Germany.

”TÜV and H-Zulassung ” at Frankfurt

To obtain TÜV in Germany, tires and headlights usually need to be changed. We also have to install a small electric heater and hazard lights. In this case, we also had to install a tank for the windshield washer system.

Arrival at the customer’s place

The Combi has now arrived at the customer’s home and is ready to be rented to couples and groups of friends .

Vehicles for Sale T1 Restoration T2 Camper

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