Reconstruction – T1 Bus Samba Deluxe – Brazil 1975 – Ref. S008

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Take a look at this beautiful T1 Samba bus ordered by a customer in ?? Germany ??. Click on the items in the list below to go to the desired section

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Stage 1: Arrival 

Here´s another Bus ready for the workshop. In a few months this will be a brand new Samba Bus! This bus was a really great base for a restoration. A rare find that will save us time when doing the metal work.

Stage 2: Stripping

Sandblasting and sanding the bus down to the metal for future stages.

Stage 3: Protection

After the stripping phase is done, the bus receives a rust protection coat for the remainder of the restoration to inhibit rust spots.

Stage 4: Undercarriage Metalwork

Our team works on changing all the cross-members. The Bus is supported by bars to ensure the outer shell does not lose its shape.

Stage 5: Floors

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Now we are making some headway. After strengthening the undercarriage we can start laying the cross-members and get the floors fitted. As this bus was in great shape before the restoration all phases are moving along quite quickly.

Stage 6: Front Doors (Video)

The front doors must be meticulously restored as there are no longer any parts in production. This part really sets apart the professionals from the amateurs.

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Stage 7: Motor Compartment

This bus was in very good shape and the motor compartment needed to restored rather than replaced.

Stage 8: Metal Alignment (Video)

Instead of changing all the metal, we try to repair and align what has not yet been completely destroyed.

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Stage 9: Metal Sanding (Video)

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Watch on YouTube

Before we start the paint preparation, we make sure that the metal is cleaned of any extra residue that might interfere with the paint job. Here are some pictures of this process and videos of the sanding process and the finished bus before paint preparation.

Stage 10: Paint Preparation

During this process we apply a thin layer of filler to the body to ensure an even and smooth surface for painting.

Stage 11: Painting

Now the bus finally gets some character and gets a nice paint job. The customer opted for a blue underbody and lower half and a traditional white upper half and roof.