Reconstruction – T1 Bus Samba Deluxe– Brazil 1974– Ref. S009

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Take a look at how this old gem is being transformed into a classy Samba Bus!

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Stage 1: Arrival at the Shop

Another rusty bus ready for a complete makeover.

Stage 2: Stripping

Old paint and residue is removed by sanding and sandblasting.

Stage 3: Protection

During the stripping phase, the bus is protected with a green rust proofing substance.

Stage 4: Floors and Cross-Members

After we make sure the metal does not rust we start stripping the undercarriage and changing the floors and cross members.

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Stage 5: Window and Door Frame Structure

This area requires extensive attention to be done properly. The metal is not so thick to permit heavy welding and window and door parts are hard or impossible to come by.

Stage 6: Side, rear and front panels

These panels were not in the worst shape. We didn’t have to change the entire surface. As you can see the new welds have been nicely flattened and will be further corrected.