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Discover the freedom to customize the legendary VW T1 according to your imagination with BusBuilder, CombiKombi's innovative app. With BusBuilder, the journey of configuring your own T1 becomes easy, fun, and entirely free!

Just sign up with your email and dive into a world of limitless options. From vibrant colors to exclusive accessories, BusBuilder offers a unique customization experience so you can shape your VW T1 according to your style and preferences.

Best of all? We can make the car exactly the way you configure it! Explore all possibilities, try different combinations, and see your vision come to life. Unleash your creativity, at no additional cost – BusBuilder is the perfect tool for all VW T1 enthusiasts.

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Restoration Projects

Design the VW Bus of your Dream!

We have a specialized garage in São Paulo where we tailor-make your kombi. Our team has the best equipment and specialists to ensure the highest degree of quality goes into your project. Moreover, A project manager will always be present to ensure everything is going smoothly and is up to standards. We also provide a complete photo album, with occasional videos sent to you every Friday.

Your VW Bus will be stripped clean and everything will be changed; panels with defects, floors and ties and stringers. The motor is rebuilt, sandblasted and any external components are switched with new parts. Mechanical elements such as the brakes, suspension and steering components are all replaced.

There are several advantages to restoring your VW Bus in Brazil. First, many spare parts are still produced here in Brazil, making them easily accessible. Second, it is relatively dry in Brazil and there is no salt on the roads so the buses are in better shape to facilitate and economize the restoration process. Thirdly, as labor is much cheaper in Brazil, the final price of a restoration is much lower.

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Our Professions

Professional exporter of Brazilian classic cars
For years, we have been offering you our car exportation services, delivered directly to your door with all the documents needed to register them in your country. You will find all the cars available for immediate export on the Classified Ads.

Professional restorer
Tailor the VW bus of your dreams! We offer you our experience, skills and best professionals to provide you the best restoration service of Brazil. Our teams, specialized in VW Kombi restoration, managed by an engineer project manager, ensure you a total tranquility about the quality of our work and the project deadlines. Check out our Restoration Albums.

Who are we?

We are a Brazilian company incorporated under French law, specialized in exportation and restoration of Brazilian classic cars. Our eclectic teams, both in terms of cultures (French, Canadian, Brazilian, etc.) and skills (engineers, mechanics, coachbuilders, cabinetmakers, upholsterers, electricians, logisticians and more), guarantee you the best synergy possible to the service of the success of your projects. Know more

Frequent Questions

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