Reconstruction – T1 Bus Samba Deluxe – Brazil 1975 – Ref. S002

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See all the photos on the restoration process of this collectors kombi in our workshops in Brazil.

Stage 1 : The Kombi’s arrival

She didn’t look that bad when she got in to the shop but it was miles away from the what she was going to look like leaving it.

Stage 2: Strip and sand

As you can see the Kombi’s outer surface has been completely stripped and ready for painting.

Stage 3: Pre-paint work

Getting the Kombi ready for painting at a later date and having her

Stage 4: Undercarriage

After having sealed her up on the outside, we put her on the roller to work on the undercarriage to install new ties, stingers, cables and rods. After sandblasting and priming we paint the underbelly to move on to the interior and wheel-wells.

Stage 5: Mechanics (engine and transmission)

While all this body work is going on the mechanic was working hard stripping the motor and transmission and changing all the components.

Stage 6: Painting

When the Kombi is upright again, its time to get onto painting. The interior exterior, wheel wells and everything is painted. Leaving a beautiful two-tone Gold and white finish.

Stage 7: Upholstery and tapestry

With painting done, and the benches returning from upholstery work it is time to install this luxurious deluxe interior trim.

Stage 8: Mechanical and window installation (samba)

Now its finally all coming together. Here the engine, new drum brakes, transmission and all the windows are installed.

Stage 9: Final product

It is done! this beautifully restored Samba T1is ready to hit the roads anywhere in the world, it’s all up to you!

Learn More About the Restoration Service