Reconstruction – T1 11 Window Camper Bus- Brazil 1974 – Ref. C003

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See all the photos on the restoration process of this collector’s kombi in our workshops in Brazil.

Stage 1: Arrival

Not much to show you right now, but we will keep you updated with more pics and videos of this restoration project. Just getting started on ripping this one apart to build her up again.

Stage 2: Sandblasting & Stripping

After gutting the Bus, it’s on to getting rid of the thick paint layer, that more often then not covers a rather thick layer of bondo or plaster based filler that other reformers used to pretty up the bus.

Stage 3: Front panels and wheel arches

In this case the front panels were still in rather good condition and it made sense to restore them to their original state rather than replacing them. We always attempt to maintain as much of the bus’s originality as possible.

Stage 4: Interior frame

Even though the interior get covered with furniture and camping appliances, we still ensure the interior structure is sound and completely restored. The devil is in the details and in many cases the details are hidden. But we know we do the best job on every bus possible.

Stage 5: Doors and windows

The doors and the windows are probably some of the hardest parts to restore due to the complexity and the lack of parts available to restore these elements. Check out we restore them below.

Stage 6: Floors and Undercarriage

Putting the Bus in the roller really helps get things done. Here you can see the detail we put into restoring the undercarriage.

Stage 7: Paint Preparation (Video)

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We apply a generous coat of polyester mastic and then carefully remove the layers till we get the thinnest and smoothest coat. 

Stage 8: Painting

After several days of thouroughly preparing the polyester mastic in order to make it thin an smooth enough, we finnally apply the paint coat.

Phase 9: Mechanical items

We have completely restored all mechanical items on this T1 camper. Here is a short list.

  • New disc brakes all around
  • Restored 4-speed manual transmission
  • New clutch
  • Restored 1.5 liter VW engine
  • New front suspension
  • New steering with bearings
  • All new cables, wires and hoses