Collectors Restoration – T1 Samba Deluxe Bus– Brazil 1966 – Ref. CR007

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Below you will find the complete restoration gallery for this beautiful 1966 Samba bus going to ?? Belgium??. Click on each of the items in the list below to go to the section you want.

Stage 1: Metalwork

We  stripped the metal of everything to assess the condition, and now we’re replacing and restoring all the metal as part of the full restoration service.

Stage 2: Paint Preparation

Now we are preparing the metal for painting by first applying a rust prevention coat and then a filler to ensure the paint finish is smooth and even.

Stage 3: Painting

Finally we can apply a nice coat of paint to this beautifully restored bus. The customer chose a red lower half and a lotus white upper half.

Stage 4: Montage

This is where all the extras such as the Samba windows, sunroof and chrome fittings are installed on the bus.

Stage 5: New Mechanics

This 1966 beauty has new brakes, a new front suspension and a new steering box as well as all new cables and hoses.

Stage 6: Motor

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Here is the new 1.5-litre VW engine installed and tested in this restored 1966 bus.

Stage 7: Undercarriage

Here are some pictures of this immaculately restored Undercarriage . Everything is new!

Stage 8: Finished Interior

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Check out this new deluxe interior made to our customers’ specifications!!!

Stage 9: Finished Exterior

Here is the final product! After a long restoration, we are ready to display this model and ship it to our happy customer in Belgium.